Food with Purpose

FOOD with PURPOSE is not a marketing strategy; it’s an awareness guide on how to eat. 

In becoming a chef, I knew I would need to worry about what I ate.  What I learned over time was how diet and lack of physical activity can affect a person's health. I witnessed Type 2 Diabetes consume my father. I realized prevention is key. Simply modifying my diet by consuming more plants than animal protein and limiting intake of sugar is what I needed to do to lessen the risk of developing a chronic disease.  I've read a lot of diet books and a lot of the medical research and I see the common links.  I call this awareness FOOD with PURPOSE.

To eat a healthy lifestyle, follow these four simple rules:

Watch Out for the Blood Sugar Spike
We have all felt the affects of spiking our blood sugar.  A couple of hours after eating you feel tired, fatigued and unfocused.  When foods containing sugar, sugar substitutes and white flour are consumed, the insulin pump in our bodies has to convert said food into fuel.  During the processing of food, the fiber is striped away.  Fiber helps slow down digestion and it makes you feel fuller quicker.  Stay away from white rice anything fried with a breading.

Sensible Portions
After watching a Man vs. Food episode I can see how people think larger is better.  Listen to your body not your brain; it will tell you when it has had enough.

Just the Fats Please
There are four types of fats: saturated; trans fats (the bad); polyunsaturated; and monounsaturated (the good).  Your body uses fats to nutrients to your cells.  The bad fats end up sticking to your arteries and increase the LDL or bad cholesterol.  The good fats, on the other hand, increase the good cholesterol HDL and will not stick to your arteries.  The best form of fat you ask?  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it is the medium your body needs to absorb the nutrients in your food choices. 

The Sodium Bomb
Sodium is very important for your body to function.  Sodium is used to preserve, so that’s why you see such large amounts of sodium in processed foods.  Too much sodium will cause your blood to thicken and your heart will have to work harder to pump blood through your veins.  High sodium content is typically found in processed foods.  Look for your sodium naturally.

Some have called Cava Greens the anti-restaurant.
We call Cava Greens the solution.

  • Pay For What You Take – Plant Based Menu Sold by the Weight
  • Sensibly Portioned Lean Protein
  • No Processed Food, No Sugar Added and Heart Healthy Fats

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